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tagged-profile-layout-graphics-login-at-tagged-com-what-is-taggedTagged is a social network of general interest similar to MySpace and Facebook. In addition to allowing users to share photos and videos, it provides a window to Netvibes as a personalized start page.

Tagged Profile:

Website: http://www.tagged.com/
Alexa Ranking: 132 (as of 10/15/08)
Description: A social networking website of general interest
Similar Websites: MySpace, Facebook, Hi5

Tagged profile, layout & graphics Login at Tagged.com (Ready2beat) – www.Tagged.com has become most popular among youngster recently. Tagged.com is Social Networking Website where people make friends, personal profile, make chatting, flirting and share personal data. The competitors of Tagged.com are Orkut, Bebo, Facebook, myspace, LinkedIn, and hi5 etc…

Tagged.com is US 3rd largest social networking website, and has over 80 million registered users worldwide and approximately 2.5 billion page-views per month.Tagged.com was initially launched to attract US high school students but it is now open to people from all over the world. With Tagged.com, users can choose to build and customize profiles, send messages, leave comments, post bulletins, customize status, browse photos, watch videos, play games, give gifts, give tags, chat and make friends.

Tagged features (Why Tagged Login required?)

* Make a great profile that’s all about you
* Find your friends and meet new people
* Chat, flirt, photos, games, and more!

Tagged Login, Tagged.com Sign in or sign up Process For New Users

Due to it’s starting stage Tagged is aggressive when it comes to signing up for new users. You must be invited by your friends or collide before sign up or register your own id. But from last week i found that it has become easy & there is no requirement of any email confirmation for sign up as previously. One bad feature is if you sign in then you must have to invite all the member of your email id. This features caused the ban of site in some country like Qatar and much more..

If you want to get Tagged membership, then click here to create an account. And if you’re already a member, check out www.Tagged.com now!

Tagged.com has other categories like

Jobs: Software engineering, internships…etc
Blog: Insight into developments at Tagged…etc
Statistics : Membership, visitors, activity…etc
Press: News, press releases, management team…etc
Advertising: Display placements, sponsorships…etc
Contact Us : FAQs, Feedback… etc

Tagged.com My Profile

Tagged.com allows you to make a great profile that displays all information about you.

Your profile includes :

* Personal Information
o First name
o Last Name
o Gender
o Age
o Interests
o Relationship Status
o High School
o College
* Contact Information
o Address / Location
o Email Address
* Tag line
* Membership Age
* Profile URL
* Last Active Status
* Profile Views
* List of Friends
* Wish List
* Friends Rankings
* Photos
* Videos
* Chat
* Messages

Tagged pets : Buying and Selling Pets on Tagged

On Tagged.com, “Pets” Is a fun interactive feature. As “Owned” in MyYearbook.com, users can buy and sell Pets with ever increasing value and the profits are split between the seller and their “Pet.” To buy pets, you can browse or search pets using different filters available, such as : price range, country, age etc. If you want to choose more pets than your pet limits, then you can add rest of the pets to “Wish List”, for future reference. Some cautions to note are : If a pets profile gets deleted, you will lose all that money.

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