Pakistan Match Fixing: Three Arrested for Case

pakistan-match-fixing-three-arrested-for-caseMazhar Majeed, the man, who has at the centre of the Pakistan cricket match fixing scandal, has been arrested by customs officers, he laundered tens millions pounds and two others (a men and a woman) have been arrested in Britain in connection with allegations that Pakistani cricket players were involved in a betting scam, according to customs officials sources.

HM Revenue and Customs said a statement, “Three individuals were arrested on Sunday as part of an ongoing investigation into money laundering,” and also said “the arrested man and woman were linked to the Pakistan players.”

The statement also added about arrested: “This includes two 35-year-olds (a male and a female) from the Croydon area and a 49-year-old male from the Wembley area. These individuals were arrested, questioned and have been bailed pending further investigation.”

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