iTunes 10 Release Date and Apple iTunes 10 Now Available to Download

itunes-10-release-date-and-aoole-itunes-10-now-available-to-downloadiTunes 10 release date and Apple iTunes 10 download is a hot new in the web. Wikipedia page shows a 9/8 release date of iTunes 10.

According to macgasm, Steve Jobs took the wraps off the new iTunes 10 today, introducing several new features and a new look for the application icon. Ditching the CD that was part of the application icon since its release, the new iTunes 10 icon is simpler and cleaner.

Several changes in the UI have made the interface design simpler and more elegant. For example, a hybrid display mode now recognizes if there are more than 5 songs in an album, it will display the album art to the side, making the list view prettier, and taking up no more space than before.

According to macrumors, Apple has finally posted the iTunes 10 release for download. iTunes 10 was introduced today during the keynote event. The new version of the media management application features a streamlined interface and a new networking feature called Ping, along with a new, more modern icon.

Ping is a social network for music that will help users discover new music, allowing users to follow favorite artists and friends. Ping will also create a custom chart showing music selections based on those followed. Users can choose to allow others to follow them automatically or by approval. There are over 160 million iTunes users, all of whom will be able to sign up for the new Ping service immediately.

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