Following Demi Moore Lisa Rinna Tweets Bikini Photos

following-demi-moore-lisa-rinna-tweets-bikini-photosFormer “Melrose Place” star Lisa Rinna tweeted a picture of herself in an animal print tiny bikini and sunglasses just days after Demi Moore showed off her own taut tummy.

The 47 years old Lisa posted bikini pictures to her Twitter account in a homage to Demi Moore. Lisa Rinna tweeted which is accompanied the photo, “Doin’ the Demi Power to the 47 year olds! She is my idol!”

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Following Demi, Lisa chose the same location to snap her twitter photos by using her iPhone and the place chosen by both of them is bathroom.

Demi who is also 47 years old had previously tweeted on her twitter account, “Maybe this is more like summer!”

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Earlier in this week, amid infidelity rumors, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Ashton Kutcher shared a Vegas stage with Snoop Dogg for an impromptu dance session.

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