Jennifer Lopez Rarely Gets Any Time to Herself and Worrying About Her Family

jennifer-lopez-rarely-gets-any-time-to-herself-and-worrying-about-her-familyJennifer Lopez has confessed she rarely gets any time to herself because she is always worrying about her family. reported, the Hollywood singer-and-actress, who has two-year-old twins Max and Emme with husband Marc Anthony admits she is constantly worrying about her family and rarely gets time to indulge her own interests.

‘I don’t really believe mothers have time for themselves. It’s always on your mind, even when you are trying to relax and get away – it’s just one of the absolute facts of being a mother,’ Jennifer Lopez said.

Jennifer Lopez, 41, however, admits she does get some time to be alone when she is working on a music or film project. JLo said, ‘that’s when I have time to concentrate on what I’m doing, but as far as leisure time, mothers don’t get that – it’s just part of the deal.’

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