Who is Jennifer Thompson? – Wiki of Wayne Rooney a Night Bed Partner

who-is-jennifer-thompson-wiki-of-wayne-rooney-a-night-bed-partnerJennifer Thompson wiki. People interested for who is Jennifer Thompson? Jenny Thompson is a prostitute. She has spoken to the News Of The World about her relationship with the footballer. It’s said that Rooney got in contact with her via an agency in Manchester after she was recommended to him by a friend. According to sources, her fee was between £1,000 and £1,200 per night.

Wayne Rooney booked her under a fake name, but on their first meeting, she recognised him instantly. According to the Sunday Mirror, she was dropped by her agency when she started accepting bookings directly from him.

It’s said that Jennifer Thompson – who’s 21 and hails from Bolton – comes from a middle class family who live in a leafy suburb. A friend of Jennifer’s told the Mirror:

She loves the high-life and leads a hectic life of parties, holidays and nights out. She works hard for six months, earns lots of money and then goes to Spain for a few months to party with friends she has over there.

When she’s run out of money, she comes home and starts escorting again. She’s young but very confident and sure of herself.

Rooney is said to have communicated with Thompson via text message and also used a fake account on Skype to avoid detection. However, the stories about the footballer claim that he became sloppy by taking Thompson out to public places and venues around Manchester.

The stories also seem to claim that Rooney became fond of Thompson, to the point where he even invited her to his home when his wife Coleen was away.

Thompson – a slim brunette – was moralistic enough not to want to sleep in Rooney’s wife’s bed, but happy to sell a story on the guy, potentially ruining his marriage at the same time. I do love how the various newspapers sensationally failed to reveal that part. Hypocrisy sells newspapers, my dears.

Also quite ironic that Thompson didn’t want to risk a visit to the Rooney Mansion, but attended several venues with him in Manchester. Public places where his affair could be discovered versus a private family home.

So what do we know about Jennifer Thompson after all that? She’s from a nice suburban family, she’s quite well spoken, but she’s a party girl who’ll happily turn to escorting whenever she’s strapped for cash. She wouldn’t sleep with Wayne on Coleen’s sheets, but hotels are fair game. She wouldn’t join him on a tour for fear of being discovered, but has given her version of the story to tabloid newspapers.

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