Wayne Rooney Scandal – He Invites Jennifer Thompson Back to Coleen Rooney’s Home Reported by News of The World

wayne-rooney-scandal-he-invites-jennifer-thompson-back-to-coleen-rooneys-home-reported-by-news-of-the-worldWayne Rooney Scandal – He Invites Jennifer Thompson Back to Coleen Rooney’s Home Reported by News of The World:

RECKLESS Wayne Rooney sank to new depths the night he committed the ultimate sin for a married man-inviting vice girl Jenny Thompson back to his family home for sex.

Who is Jennifer Thompson? – Wiki of Wayne Rooney a Night Bed Partner

Jenny, 21, exclusively told us: “One night, well into our relationship, Wayne and I met up at the 235 Casino again.

“At the end of the evening, after we’d gone our separate ways, he started texting me. He wanted to know where I was and, when I told him I was on my way home, he texted back, ‘Why don’t you come back to mine?’

Jennifer Thompson Photos – Hot Pictures of Wayne Rooney A Night Bed Partner

“I thought to myself, ‘I can’t do that. I can’t go to his wife’s house.’ I mean that’s just wrong, isn’t it?”

Even the lure of a luxurious night at his plush £4.5m house in posh Prestbury, Cheshire, couldn’t tempt Jenny. She insisted: “I told him: ‘No, I can’t!’ But he kept begging and begging me, pleading, ‘Please come! No one’s in.’

“When I still refused, he eventually left it and didn’t even want to talk to me any more that night.

“But, as far as I’m concerned, paying a girl to have sex with you is one thing. Paying a girl to come back to your marital home when your pregnant missus is out is taking it a step too far.

Wayne Rooney Cheats on Pregnant Wife Coleen with £1k-a-night Jennifer Thompson

“Especially when you know you could easily go somewhere else to get what you want.

“But to make that decision to do it in your house, I thought that was a bit much. You’re really bringing your dirty washing home, aren’t you?

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There was absolutely no emotion shown or spared for Coleen there. Wayne didn’t seem to feel too much about what he was doing to his wife. I really wrestled with my conscience several times.”

It was 2008 when Wayne and childhood sweetheart Coleen wed at the 17th Century Palace of Villa Durazzo, Portofino-a bash believed to have cost a staggering £5million with OK! magazine paying half.

During his wedding speech Rooney told of his love for Coleen saying: “I’ve never believed in love at first sight but the first time I saw Coleen, I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

“To have her sitting next to me as my wife is something words can’t describe and I think today she looks absolutely amazing.”

Visibly choked he then turned to his new wife and said: “Coleen, I love you more than words can say, you’re my life and I love you.”

Wayne Rooney Fighting to Save Marriage after Vice Girl Jennifer (Jenny) Thompson Claims

But just a year later all that seemed a distant memory as he took up his dangerous liason with £1,200-a-time hooker Jenny.

At the time Coleen was talking publicly about how thrilled she was to be pregnant with first son Kai, now ten months old.

But as she was steadily building up the family’s wholesome image-creating her own multi-million pound career with her magazine column, a show on ITV2, Coleen’s Real Women, plus work with Asda and and exclusive watch and jewellery range with Argos-Wayne was doing dirty deals with vice girls.

Rooney, 24, was so careless in his pursuit of extra-marital sex he actually asked Jenny to join him on a Manchester United tour.

“He was texting me pleading for me to join him,” she revealed. “He was saying that I should get a flight and stay at the hotel. He said if I paid for the flight he’d give me the money when I got there. I thought it was too risky going there, in a hotel with the rest of the team.

“I was surprised he suggested it. I said I couldn’t make it. He said he’d see me when he got back.”

“But Wayne never really spoke about football other than to mention that he’d been training.

“The only time he ever mentioned one of the other players was when we were at a party one night and he called Cristiano Ronaldo a ‘w***er’.

“Wayne and I were standing in the smoking area when Ronaldo walked past, and Wayne muttered ‘F***ing w***er’ after him.

“Another time I commented to him how rude I thought Rio Ferdinand was-but Wayne just laughed and said, ‘That’s what Rio’s like when he’s had a bit to drink.’

“But to be honest, I don’t think Wayne hangs out much with the other Man Utd players. I only ever really saw him out with his cousins or his brother.”

And Jenny said even their sex got a bit samey. She said: “When I’d arrive at the hotel, I’d text him, ‘On my way up.’ I’d knock on his door and he’d quickly let me in. He was usually in the white fluffy hotel robe and would get straight on the bed and lie down. All he’d say was, ‘Hi!’ It was a bit embarrassing actually-seedy, in a way.

“I’d take all my clothes off, lie next to him and awkwardly say ‘Hi!’ back. And then we’d just get down to it.

“Wayne was really quite plain with his routine. He wanted straight sex with a little bit of ‘naughty’ thrown in-but not too naughty.

“But when we were apart Wayne would be full of what he wanted to do to me the next time we met. He’d often text asking me to bring sexy toys and telling me what he wanted to do with them. He was always quite explicit on his texts.

“When Wayne’s had a drink, he’s a scally and he’ll suggest all sorts. But it was drunken talk because when I got there it was always the same.

“Whenever it came down to it- when we were face to face in the hotel room-he was quite different. He never talked dirty.

“And he never said, ‘Don’t go and tell anyone about us.’ What he always said was, ‘If this ever got out, it wouldn’t be good.’

“But not once did he say:, ‘It would be terrible for Coleen.'”

Once his son Kai was born, Rooney stopped using Jenny’s services. But he was well aware of the risks he’d been running. Three years after he was exposed for visiting hookers as a teenager, 24-year-old Coleen wrote about her then boyfriend’s cheating in her first book Welcome to My World.

Coleen said: “When the story came out about Wayne and the prostitutes my life was suddenly turned upside down. I spent days sitting indoors thinking the whole world was against me.

“Wayne and me were 18, we’d been together for nearly two years and were engaged to be married. What Wayne had done in the past was wrong but he knew that and he was sorry.

“I’ve grown up with Wayne and Wayne’s grown up with me. I’ve learned from him and vice versa.”

Tellingly Coleen added: “Trust in any relationship is important but especially so when you’re in the spotlight.” Rooney also wrote about the disgrace and apologised to Coleen in his book My Story So Far, published in 2006, as the couple rebuilt their lives through the pages of glossy magazines climaxing in the big romatic wedding extravaganza in 2008.

Talking about his brothel-creeping days in Liverpool, Rooney wrote: “It’s my biggest single regret in life. I can never sufficiently make it up to Coleen-but I have tried and am trying.”

Our revelations today prove he wasn’t really trying at all. And Coleen’s forgiving trust in him was massively misplaced.

The latest Sunday Times Rich List places Rooney’s wealth at £33million and claims he is paid about £100,000 a week by United.

He has endorsement deals with Nike, Coca-Cola and EA Sports a £1million two-year deal with Mercedes and sponsorship said to be worth about £6million a year.

But when it comes to morals, he’s a pauper.

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