Megan Fox New Movie Jonah Hex Trailer Video – She Prostitute or Not?

megan-fox-new-movie-jonah-hex-trailer-video-she-prostitute-or-notAmerican actress and model Megan fox currently working on “Transformers 3,” she is also looking forward to the June 18th release of another film called Jonah Hex.

In her new film ‘Jonah Hex,’ a comic book adaptaion in which Megan portrays a prostitute opposite actor Josh Brolin, the sexy brunette had her share of physically demanding, energy sapping moments while shooting the film.

Speaking of the difficulty Megan Fox had playing a hooker in the film. Megan recently said: “Having to try to keep my head above water in a scene with Brolin was actually a really hard thing to do. It was only five days I filmed and I’ve never been more exhausted to film something was out of my league. Everything was above my head. I just tried to stay alive.”

Watch this movie then decide she is prostitute or not?

Watch Jonah Hex Trailer Video:

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