Caroline Wozniacki Boyfriend – Who?

caroline-wozniacki-boyfriend-whoWho is Caroline Wozniacki’s Boyfriend? Everybody is dying to know, Does caroline wozniacki have a boyfriend or did?

ChaCha Answer: The professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki does not have a boyfriend.

Answer Yahoo Best answers: I know she was dating Fernando Verdasco last year but I’m not so sure now…I don’t really keep track of these things, to be honest.

According to rightpundits, The second best tennis player in the world according to WTA rankings Danish beauty and amazing tennis player Caroline Wozniacki was a runner-up at last year’s U.S Open, this year she will try to change history. If she wins against Maria Sharapova (#17) certainly this is an important news, a bigger one is if she actually wins, but the biggest of all is the the one question that remains forever in our minds, who is Caroline Wozniacki’s Boyfriend? Is it L.A Laker Sasha Vujacic? Nope that is Maria’s boyfriend.

So is it Fernando Torres? No way! He is happily married with children, he is Caroline’s favorite player though and just before you get started on off the market guys, Rafael Nadal isn’t her boyfriend either.

And what about fellow Danish and HB Kege’s winger Mads Laudrup? Well, I heard that rumor as well so after some research it seems that he is not either, he is just with her with Adidas, their sponsor.

We did hear something about Fernando Verdasco, is he her boyfriend? This is a hard one, you see Fernando and Caroline were spotted together, not getting cozy that is, when he invited her to dinner with his family. She wrote about that on her blog, she was at his matches just like he was, but nothing about them dating has been confirmed, maybe they were, maybe they weren’t.

And our last candidate from Argentina Juan Martin del Potro? Many media sources even confirmed them as boyfriend and girlfriend.

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