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rich-cronin-biography-lfo-wikiRichard Burton “Rich” Cronin was an American singer and songwriter. He was the lead singer and primary songwriter for the pop group LFO. Cronin was raised in Kingston, Massachusetts and attended Sacred Heart High School, class of 1993. He was of Irish and Swedish descent. Cronin has a brother named Mike Cronin, who was a manager for the pop group O-Town.

Birth Name:Richard Burton Cronin
Nickname: Rich Nice
Height:6′ 3″ (1.91 m)

Rich Cronin Mini Biography: Richard Burton Cronin was born on August 30th, 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was raised in the Boston neighborhood of West Roxbury, and moved to the city of Kingston on the south shore of Massachusetts later. He attended a Catholic High School (Sacred Heart) and graduated in 1993. LFO (with former member Brian Gillis (aka “Brizz” Gillis)) released 2 singles in Europe in 1997/1998 but failed to make it in America until 1999. Brizz had now left LFO, to be replaced by Harold “Devin” Lima. Rich then wrote and recorded the song “Summer Girls” in Danny Wood’s, of New Kids On The Block, basement. After giving a copy of the song to a friend at Logic Records, Summer Girls was leaked to a radio station in Washington, DC, and the song immediately blew up. “Summer Girls” has been called the anthem of the Summer of 1999. In 2000, Rich began dating Jennifer Love Hewitt, but their relationship ended weeks after he went public about it in “Teen People” magazine. Rich moved from Orlando to Massachusetts last summer.

Celebrity website TMZ reported that member Rich Cronin passed away on September 8, 2010 after a long battle with leukemia. He is said to have had a stroke on Wednesday, which he did not recover from.


Member of boy group “LFO”

Wrote LFO’s #1 single, “Summer Girls,” which sold over 2 million copies.

Wrote all of the songs on LFO’s latest album, “Life Is Good.”

Rich quit LFO in March of 2002, and is now the lead singer of a band called “Bad Mood Mike” who have been the opening act on O-Town’s summer tour. His brother, Michael Cronin is still managing him.

Rich is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, who is from Orlando, Florida. She now lives in Boston with Rich. Rich wrote the song “West Side Story” on LFO’s first album for her.

LFO Wiki: Lyte Funky Ones (LFO) was an American three-man pop/rap group consisting of Rich Cronin, Devin Lima (born Harold Lima, March 18, 1977), and Brad Fischetti (born September 11, 1975). Before Lima joined the group in 1999, the third member was Brian Gillis, known as “Brizz”, who was with the group from its start in 1995. The band is best known for their hit songs “Summer Girls” and “Girl on TV”.

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