Giant Goldfish Photos Pictures – A 30 Pound Koi Carp Fish Youtube Video

A Giant Goldfish is the hot viral photo du jour. However, the “giant gold fish” is nothing more than a giant 30 pound koi carp,which was caught in the south of France by Raphael Biagini several months ago. Before you get worried, Biagini was only fishing for sport and threw the big huge gold fish back into the water.

According to vinubuzz, some have looked at the photo and called it just another photoshop hoax, but marine experts say that a fish that size and color IS possible. In fact, the record koi weighed 90 pounds. Still yet, a UK Daily Mail article is what started the buzz this time around. People are quick to point out that the man is holding the fish in a way you would hold something that weighed only a couple pounds. Furthermore, people say that the fish looks like it weighs more than 30 pounds itself.

According to news source, this giant orange fish looks just like a goldfish you gave notice the fairground – except this goldfish weighs as much as a 3-year-old kid. The vivacious 30lbs koi carp is the biggest of its kind ever captured in the wild after the goldfish was hauled out of a lake in the south of France by bang-up angler Raphael Biagini after an epic 10 minute struggle to bring up the huge fish out of the body of water.

Watch Giant Goldfish Youtube Video:

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