Barack Obama Calls for Day of Service on 9/11 Anniversary of World Trade Center

barack-obama-calls-for-day-of-service-on-911-anniversary-of-world-trade-centerPresident Barack Obama is asking the country to observe the Sept. 11 anniversary as a day of “service and remembrance.” He says Americans should find a way to serve their fellow citizens and rekindle the spirit of unity and common purpose felt in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks.

Obama spoke at a White House news conference Friday, a day ahead of the ninth anniversary of the attacks.

He said Saturday will be a day to commemorate not only heartbreak, but also the “enduring values and resilient spirit” of America.

Obama is to attend a service at the Pentagon on Saturday while first lady Michelle Obama will appear with former first lady Laura Bush in Shanksville, Pa.

Information from AP.

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