VMA 2010 Performances Recap – MTV Video Music Awards

vma-2010-performances-recap-mtv-video-music-awardsIf you’re looking for a recap of performances from the 2010 VMAs, look no further. We’re keeping a running list, right here at AOL Music, especially for those people who stepped out of the room just at that crucial moment. Don’t miss a thing, and check back with us for a recap of all the 2010 VMAs performances.

Nicki Minaj and Will.i.am., Eminem and Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Usher, Taylor Swift, Drake, Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz, Florence and the Machine, B.O.B. and Hayley Williams performance at MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2010.

Nicki Minaj and Will.i.am. – ‘Your Love’ and ‘Check It Out’
Nicki Minaj, dressed in a purple and pink retro spacesuit, accompanied by two backing dancers, came onstage to perform her hit tune ‘Your Love,’ before quickly segwaying into her new Will.i.am collaboration ‘Check It Out,’ with it’s sparky sampling of the Buggles ‘Video Killed the Radio Star.’ Will.i.am was dressed all in black, looping sharp as always, laying down some infectious rhymes over the super-catchy new tune. They duo performed during the 2010 VMAs pre-show.

Eminem and Rihanna – ‘Not Afraid’ and ‘Love the Way You Lie’
Eminem kicked off the VMAs rapping in a small, brick room reminiscent of a scene from his ‘8 Mile’ movie performing the chart-topping title track from his ‘Not Afraid’ album. Once the chorus kicked in, he turned to enter the Nokia Theatre to the excited audience. Wearing a black leather jacket, Eminem was backed by a huge choir until he segued into ‘Love the Way You Lie.’ That’s when Rihanna hit the stage in a long red gown, singing the chorus. The two ended the intro performance back to back and arms folded.

Justin Bieber – ‘Baby’ and ‘Somebody to Love’
Sprinting from an open-top car and ducking hordes of fans en route to the stage, Justin Bieber launched into smash hit ‘Baby’ to the still-audible screams of his adoring audience. Adopting a ‘Grease’-esque, late ’50s look, Bieber and his dancers laid down some seriously smooth moves, before switching gears and delivering a high-energy performance of ‘Somebody to Love.’ Showing he’s no one-trick pony, Justin got behind a drum kit, beating out a furious drum solo and remaining unfazed by losing one drumstick in the process. We have to say, the kid’s got class beyond his years.

Usher – ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love’ and ‘OMG’
Usher put on the iconic dance moves that make his videos memorable while performing his two most recent hits, ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love’ and ‘OMG.’ Wearing ‘Tron’-inspired outfits of black with white trim, Usher and an entourage of dancers put on an energetic performance, and there was no lip-syncing from Usher, who was breathing heavy while dancing and singing at the same time. It was an inspiring performance that drew a standing ovation that was interrupted by a bumbling Chelsea Handler.

Florence and the Machine – ‘Dog Days Are Over’
Wearing a flowing beige dress, Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch began singing ‘Dog Days Are Over’ as a ballad while lying down and spinning on the rotating stage as a group of dancers in all blue danced around her. With plenty of aerial camera shots looking down on the spinning performance, it erupted into a frolicking scene on stage, complete with a choir, percussionists, and choreography in unison, while Florence lead the entire procession.

Taylor Swift – ‘Still an Innocent’
Seated in a brown leather chair and strumming an ancient-looking guitar, a barefoot, curly-haired Taylor Swift offered up a performance of new song ‘Still an Innocent.’ Video of her Kanye-interrupted acceptance speech from 2009’s VMAs ran in the background before Taylor began singing, seeming to set the tone for the intended subject of her new tune. Sure enough, the stand-out line, “32 and you’re still growing up” seemed to have Kanye’s name written all over it. You go, girl!

Drake, Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz – ‘Fancy’
In a Rat Pack-era jazz club setting, the appropriately named ‘Fancy’ kicked off with Swizz Beatz on piano and Mary J. Blige serenading Drake’s entrance down a long red carpeted stairway. Drake wore a white tux while Swizz and Mary J. were in black, who were all introduced by the three leading men from ‘The Social Network.’ The crowd blew up when it was all over, but Drake put the final statement on the performance by shouting “Free Weezy!” as he walked off stage — a reference to his friend and Young Money mentor Lil Wayne.

B.O.B. Feat.. Hayley Williams of Paramore – ‘Airplanes’
The dream team of B.O.B. and Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams took to the 2010 VMAs stage to perform ‘Airplanes.’ B.O.B. had started out with a verse from ‘Nothin’ on You,’ when a flame-haired Williams dropped in on the chorus and launched into ‘Airplanes,’ accompanied by some dazzling visuals in the background.

Hayley Williams (Paramore) – ‘The Only Exception’
The crowd hardly had a chance to settle into the anthemic ‘Airplanes’ when B.O.B. left the stage for Hayley Williams and band Paramore to tear into their ‘The Only Exception.’

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