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vmas-2010-highlights-full-video-mtv-video-music-awardsMTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) 2010 highlight video you can watch it here. The 27th edition of the MTV Video Music Awards brought an overload of bawdy humor from host Chelsea Handler, some interesting fashion statements and performances reflecting what’s been hot in pop this past year.

Here are some highlights and lowlights from the show, which aired Sunday, Sept. 12 from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Pre-show statement – Just before the VMAs took off, Lady Gaga made a red-carpet stop on the way in to chat with one of the MTV hosts. She brought three gay soldiers who had been discharged from the armed forces under the government’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. “I’m here for a very important cause today,” said Gaga, nominated for a record 13 awards. She later pointed the soldiers out in the VMA crowd as she accepted the award for Best Female Video.

Fine form – Rapper Eminem, back at the top of the charts after fighting substance abuse, was at the top of his game as he launched the show with his VMA-winning “Not Afraid.” Dressed in a black hoodie, he rendezvoused with Rihanna later to sample their duet on “Love the Way You Lie.” Just like in the flame-filled video for the song, Eminem and Rihanna, wearing a glittering headband, white skirt and boots, created some dramatic chemistry.

Stars and bars – Host Handler of the “Chelsea Lately” talk show on the E! network started her part of the night with a taped backstage skit in which she encountered bad-girl starlet Lindsay Lohan. The actress asked Handler if she had been drinking, saying, “Why is your ankle bracelet going off?” Handler replied, “Oh, that just means that my table’s ready at the Cheesecake Factory.” Lohan, who recently served some jail time for a probation violation, then implored Handler, “Don’t embarrass me!”

Dropping in – As expected, Handler’s opening monologue was over-the-top. She was lowered from the ceiling wearing a huge hat shaped like a dollhouse and a futuristic Lady Gaga-like gown. Handler then lifted her gown to release a dove from a box attached below her waist. Handler joked, “My plan was to stay sober the entire show, but in an interesting twist, I’m high as a kite. That’s the last time I do a prayer circle with Snoop Dogg.” She added, “I want everyone to be on their worst behavior.”

Justin Bieber time – Teen pop superstar Justin Bieber arrived at the theater in a vintage convertible. He hopped out and performed his hit “Baby” on an outdoor stage, throwing down lots of boy-band dance moves, playing a drum kit and thrilling hundreds of screaming fans. Handler later accused him of wearing a wig as part of an ongoing – and stiff – backstage skit in which she met the Best New Artist nominees.

Jersey Shore Jacuzzi – Handler introduced the cast of the hit MTV reality series “Jersey Shore” as “America’s greasiest sweethearts,” congratulating them on “dumbing down America one spray tan at a time.” Hanging out in a hot tub onstage, the cast members talked Handler into climbing in. She later got out, sporting a fake pregnant belly, saying “I hope it’s not too late for the morning-after pill.” “Jersey Shore” star the Situation then cleverly observed, “We got a situation here.”

Taylor Swift response – Taylor Swift started her performance of her new song “You’re Still An Innocent” with a flashback to Kanye West’s intrusion onstage as she accepted an award last year. But she didn’t belabor things, going right into a barefoot rendition of the bittersweet tune.

Astronomical moment – One of the night’s most impressive performances came from Linkin Park, at Griffith Park Observatory, perched above Los Angeles. Chester Bennington did some emotional rapping on the new single “The Catalyst,” surrounded by bandmates on pedestals and hundreds of fans. The camera took in the observatory and the night sky.

Hot moves – Usher met expectations for his appearance, throwing down his entire arsenal of dance moves during his hit “OMG.” The VMA stage emitted high-tech circular designs and a ton of lasers as Usher did his thing, surrounded by six female dancers. Usher later got a shout-out from his protégé Bieber, when the teen won Best New Artist.

Sounding great – Other musical high points included Atlanta rapper B.o.B. teaming with Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Bruno Mars on “Airplanes,” Drake, Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz handling “Fancy” and West, who wrapped up the show with Pusha-T of Clipse on a new song, “Runaway.”

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While tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards
ceremony might not have included any huge, unplanned moments, it was entertaining nonetheless. Whether it was host Chelsea Handler saying something naughty or watching Lady Gaga attempt to make her way up on stage with the assistance of people who stood by to help carry her dress, the night was full of moments. Maybe not Kanye-moments but MTV still puts on a good show.

I had my reservations about Chelsea Handler hosting because I thought we’d get a watered down version of her usual biting humor. That was not to be the cast tonight as she put it all out there, just as she does on her E! show Chelsea Lately. Jokes about morning-after-pills, getting stoned with Snoop Dogg and riding Joe Manganiello’s face home were thrown around with reckless abandon. And somewhere in the midst of this, Justin Bieber put on a performance so staged and lip-synced, I’m not sure anything that takes place at this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be able to top it. Too harsh? I’ll admit, if I were in Bieber’s targeted age demographic, I wouldn’t have cared if he were lip-syncing.

Eminem put on a fantastic opening performance and then disappeared to catch a flight, which meant missing the opportunity to collect more Moon Men (I think he’ll be bumped up the list for most VMA’s won ever after tonight). Taylor Swift responded to Kanye’s interruption during last year’s award ceremony by singing a croony song about growing up (because that’s mostly what she sings about in general, isn’t it?) as she sauntered around on stage barefoot. As a fan of not wearing shoes, she gets my approval for that. In fact, I think her bare-footedness put Lady Gaga’s mega-platforms to shame. Speaking of Gaga, Cher took the stage to present the Video of the Year award and reminded us all with her lace-unitard get-up that she’s been dressing ridiculously since Lady Gaga was “Baby Gaga.” Fittingly enough, it was Gaga that won the award. Gaga accepted her award, after asking Cher to hold her meat purse, and then announced that the title of her next album is “Born This Way.”

30 Seconds To Mars won an award, which in my opinion, was long overdue as I’ve been pulling for Jordan Catalano (err… Jared Leto… sorry) to win a Moon Man since he sang about his car “Red” in My So Called Life. In all seriousness, considering 30 Seconds To Mars has been popping up more and more in my favorite Pandora station, (and often getting a thumbs-up from me), I’m happy they won. In fact, music-I-actually-listen-to was a theme at tonight’s VMA’s as Linkin Park and Paramore were among the performers. I’ll also be adding Florence and the Machine to the list of artists I need to listen to, thanks to their performance at tonight’s ceremony.

Kanye West closed out the ceremony by singing something about toasting a–holes and douchebags.

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