Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo Acting In Armani Ad

megan-fox-and cristiano-ronaldo-acting-in-armani-ad The just-released short films by the designer label… and whoa, for both Armani Jeans and Armani Underwear, show Megan fox (24) and Cristiano Ronaldo (25) unknowingly teasing hotel staff with their toned physiques.

Armani have definitely figured out that sex sells. Their ads are getting hotter and hotter by the season!

In this ads Megan fox video, “The Tip,” a room service delivery guy watches the actress slip into a pair of jeans. while soccer-playing pretty boy Cristiano Ronaldo in “Housekeeping,” scrambles around the room looking for his shirt – which a maid has purposely hidden. Ha!

Watch Fox Video: The Tip

Cristiano Ronaldo : Armani Ad “Housekeeping” Video

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