Reggie Garrett, Texas HS QB, Dies After Collapsing During Game

reggie-garrett-texas-hs-qb-dies-after-collapsing-during-gameReggie Garrett, the star and senior quarterback of the West Orange-Stark High School football team in Orange, Texas, died after collapsing during game on Friday night. Reggie Garrett had just thrown his second touchdown of the night, and was standing on the sidelines when he collapsed.

Reggie Garret’s coach, Cornell Thompson said that, “I’ve coached this game for 40 years and football really isn’t important, is it, when something like this happens?” “You talk about a great kid, friend and teammate. These kids all followed him, you know. It’s a shocker.”

According to Fanhouse reports, Garrett was rushed to a nearby hospital as the game continued. Garrett was pronounced dead later that evening. Garrett had a history of seizures, and his coaches believe that Garrett suffered a seizure on the sidelines during Friday’s game. The Beaumont Enterprise reports Garrett was pronounced dead at 9:30 p.m CT.

According to CNN reports at the time of Garrett’s death, the hospital was full of people from the community.

“Most of the community was here at the hospital,” said Susan Courtney, a hospital spokeswoman. “There was hundreds of people in the parking lot, there was people in the waiting room, cheerleaders, drill team, band members, community support by the hundreds.”

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