Yeardley Love Facebook – George Huguely Facebook Photos and Pictures

yeardley-love-facebook-george-huguely-facebook-photos-and-picturesMany people rushed to seek Yeardley Love Facebook page and also George Huguely Facebook page (photos and pictures here). Because the 22-year-old, 4th-year University of Virginia, UVA student is reported to have been murdered by fellow senior UVA lacrosse player, George Huguely.

There is also a Facebook page dedicated to her: In Memory of Yeardley Love: UVA Lacrosse Player.

yeardley-love-facebook-george-huguely-facebook-photos-and-picturesGeorge Huguely is a native of Chevy Chase, MD and that he studied in Landon School. The news have shocked Landon School teachers and students, and it is known that Huguely was a three time honor roll student in High School.

George Huguely Facebook Account

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