New York Department of Labor Launches New Web Site to Help Youth Find Their First Job and Explore Careers

Department of Labor Launches new web site to help youth find their first job and explore careers.

Department of Labor ( statement:

Albany, NY – With the new school year officially under way, State Labor Commissioner Colleen C. Gardner today highlighted a new feature on the Department of Labor’s web site to help introduce youth to the world of work here in New York State. The new gateway for youth – – serves as a single point of contact to connect youth with the tools and resources they need to build a resume, budget for self-sufficiency or find their first job.

The new site, branded “Dream it, Plan it and Make it Happen,” provides targeted resources for youth ages 14-17 and 18-24. It blends conventional wisdom for teens such as how to get working papers, prepare for job interviews and obey labor laws, with today’s critical messages of safeguarding digital identity and maintaining health and wellness for life and career success.

“As more and more youth take on new jobs and new responsibilities to help contribute to their families, this web site takes on a whole new meaning and importance,” said Commissioner Gardner. “We know that one of the highest predictors of success in life is an early introduction to work. In the short term, we want this site to be the first stop for all youth in this state to get that first job. In the long term, we want this web site to be a tool to help youth find their career path; to plan for it and then make it happen.”

October is usually the time when retail outlets begin to gear up for the holiday season. Typically, retailers start to hire in October, increase in November and reach peak level in December. Youth fill many of these jobs and they need to know the rules, especially since school is in session.

When school is in session, minors 16 or 17 years old who are working in permitted occupations except farming, newspaper carriers and street trades, can work:

* 4 hours on Mondays through Thursdays preceding school days, or 8 hours on other days,
* between the hours of 6 AM and 10 PM,
* a maximum of 6 days per week, for
* a maximum of 28 hours per week.

These requirements are even more restrictive for minors 14 and 15, and different for those doing farm work, street trades, and for newspaper carriers.

Commissioner Gardner also touted the website –, which people can access through the Youth Portal. Nearly one million New Yorkers visit CareerZone each year in the classroom and at home. The site displays in-depth career and education information for more than 800 occupations, including job descriptions, estimated wages and the job outlook for each occupation. The special STEM portal, found at, features a video application that lets students create their own avatars and explore a variety of STEM careers.

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