Megan Fox Celebration Her Birthday with Boyfriend Brian Austin Green

megan-fox-celebration-her-birthday-with-boyfriend-brian-austin-greenMegan Fox Celebrating her 24th birthday with her boyfriend Brian Austin Green in Hollywood on May 16.

Joined by her longtime boyfriend Brian Austin Green, the “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” hottie Megan Fox looked a bit cranky as she made her exit, despite the fact that it was her special day.

A male patron declared, “You are definitely the most gorgeous woman on earth. You’re a perfect 10! I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful than you,” according to GC.

Then his jealous girlfriend shouted, “Why don’t you just stand on top of her, you’re so close. By the way, you’re not so perfect! Why don’t you admit it – you’ve had a nose job and a boob job, no doubt. Is that right?”

This must have been an embarrassing situation for the 23 year old star, who did not even get a moment to react on the boy’s praise.

The jealous girlfriend did not stop here and said to her boyfriend, “Why don’t you just stand on top of her, you’re so close.

Taken aback by the exchange, Megan Fox said, “I just came here to get a cup of coffee. This is so not worth it!”

Now that’s hate, can’t a young sexy Hollywood actress get a cup of coffee without being harassed by a jealous girlfriend.

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