Miley Cyrus Unreleased Song ‘See You In Another Life’ Hits The Web

miley-cyrus-unreleased-song-see-you-in-another-life-hits-the-webMiley Cyrus another unreleased song called ‘See You In Another Life’ has leaked on the Web, showing a different side of the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singer. The song follows a recent leak of ‘Giving You Up,’ which went viral a couple weeks.

‘See You In Another Life’ is about a girl who’s over her relationship and is ready to move on. It features Miley tapping into her country sensibilities, while still sticking to her pop roots. Like the ballad ‘Giving You Up,’ the song was recorded for Miley’s 2008 album ‘Breakout,’ but one that never made it on to the CD.

The latest leak is a far cry from the hyper-produced and synthesized sounds on ‘Can’t Be Tamed,’ and although the song is over two years old, we think it sounds pretty refreshing, and are slightly bummed it didn’t see the light of day until now.

What do you think of ‘See You In Another Life’? Do you prefer to hear Miley singing straight pop, country, rock or dance-pop? Maybe you like the softer side of the Disney star on songs like ‘The Climb.’ a tune that suffered the same fate. Did it deserve a spot on that album? Should Miley make a music video for it?

Watch this song Youtube video:

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