Glee: Heather Morris Went from Beyonce Knowles

glee-heather-morris-went-from-beyonce-knowlesHeather Morris, who plays ditzy cheerleader Brittany Pierce, has revealed how she got her gig on Glee! The actress says she ended up on the hit musical program after spending six months on tour with Beyonce Knowles.

Heather Morris said: “About six months after I first moved to L.A., I got a job doing Beyonce’s tour. After I finished the tour, I started working with choreographer Zach Woodley, who started hiring me to do things like Fired Up! and Eli Stone. After that, I got invited to do the small Single Ladies tour she was doing for stuff like the AMAs and SNL.

“Prior to the Single Ladies tour I was supposed to move to New York to do West Side Story, but then I dropped dancing and started acting classes because I didn’t want to dance anymore and I really wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of acting. Zach called me and was like, ‘Are you in New York?’ I was like, ‘No, I’m still here in L.A. and I’m acting.’ He was like, ‘OK, I need you to come in and teach the Single Ladies dance to Chris Colfer and Jenna Ushkowitz for this TV show I’m doing, Glee. Since you’re acting now, I know Ryan Murphy would love to consider you for a part. Look as cute as you can so he’ll love you even more.’

“So I went in to teach the kids with a full-on outfit. I was scheduled to read with Ryan Murphy twice, but he canceled both times. After that, Zach called me and said they might not hire me anyway because they wanted the third cheerleader to be black, so my hopes were shot. But then my agent called a week later and said, ‘You’re now cast as Brittany in Glee.’ So it was nuts.

Information from Show Biz Spy.

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