Miley Cyrus Has Crush On Justin Bieber

miley-cyrus-has-crush-on-justin-bieberMiley Cyrus has a crush on Justin Bieber, so has been “flirting up a storm” with him. Things are in the heat as another love rumor brews in Hollywood. This time around we have Justin Bieber who is said to be eye-ing out Miley Cyrus.

The Canadian pop star Justin Bieber sang his hit Overboard with Miley Cyrus at his Madison Square Garden show in New York in August. He loved performing with her, and is said to have been trying his best to get her attention.

A source explained to National Enquirer: “When Justin and Miley sang Overboard together, he kept reaching out to put his arm around her.”

He is said to be too young for Miley Cyrus saying to a friend of her. But Justin Bieber is said to have been doing all he can to get her closer to him.

That didn’t stop Justin though, who then began hatching plans on how to spend more time with his crush. He is said to have asked Simon Cowell if he and Miley Cyrus could guest judge British talent contest The X Factor, but the plan didn’t come to fruition.

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