Miley Cyrus Follow The Footsteps Of Lindsay Lohan?

miley-cyrus-follow-the-footsteps-of-lindsay-lohanThe parents of the young star of Disney Miley Cyrus are afraid that their doughter will end up like Lindsay Lohan.The recent love of gossip mongers, have given her parents sleepless nights.

A source has reported that: parents of Miley Cyrus, are very upset these days.Because they fear, their daughter will follow the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan.

Her mother Tish and dad Billy Ray Cyrus, have claimed to have lost authority over their daughter. They says she listens does not take no for an answer even if she is wrong. They are scared this attitude may take her to the wrong way.

According to her parents:“We are concerned for her. She is 17-year-old, but is the one who makes the money and calls all the shots in the family. No one tells Miley no. And even if they did, she is so charismatic that she did convince them to change their minds. She is a sweet girl at heart, but she is starting to push the envelope.

Between the fast-paced lifestyle and her new ‘image,’ everyone is saying that it’s just a matter of time before she ends up in trouble. We don’t want her to be the next Lindsay Lohan, but the evidence against him going.”

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