BCS Rankings 2010 – College Football Rankings

bcs-rankings-2010-college-football-rankingsBCS Rankings 2010: ESPN will reveal the BCS rankings 2010 next week but many are now speculating who will be on top come Sunday. Everyone is so excited about the BCS Rankings 2010 or College Football Rankings 2010 and all are in questions and debate of which will rank on the BCS Rankings 2010. After the BCS Rankings 2010 announcement there will be a great change in the college football. When it will be released it will be a quite shock for the fans of the college football and these rankings will give a new view to the football. The release date of these rankings is 17th October, 2010.

Now it’s clear that in the BCS Rankings 2010 Alabama and Ohio State will be the first and second placers. However, after Alabama lost to South Carolina, it looks like Ohio State can claim the top spot. To reach the finals Alabama had to face the two undefeated Big Ten Teams. This year Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan State Spartans are very good. If they remain good they will reach the Big Ten Conference and later in the BCS bowl games. And if Boise State and TCU showed their best and keep on blowing out their opponents soon they will be ranked above Alabama in the BCS Rankings 2010. The first BCS rankings based on computer polls will be released by October 17 and it seems that some reports are saying that Alabama will not be on the top of the lists. They are now No. 8 in both the AP and USA TODAY, yet their strength of schedule and body of work could put them up a few more spots next week.

The BCS Rankings 2010 will be one of the most awaited and highly anticipated event to showcase the teams updated rankings in their respective fields. The famous sports television ESPN will air the first live broadcast in the new format. In ESPN, the announcement of the weekly Bowl Championship Series standings will start Sunday, 5:15 PM. The first 45 minutes of the show will be on ESPN, and then the show will finish up with 30 minutes over on ESPNU.

The show will not only give the very latest BCS standings, but also discussion of the standings, interviews with coaches and players, a segment on the players vying for the Heisman Trophy as well as important upcoming games.

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