Justin Bieber Assault in Canada: Investigated

justin-bieber-assault-in-canada-investigatedJustin Bieber is reportedly being investigated by police in Richmond, British Columbia after an alleged incident at laser tag facility, this according to various reports in Canada.

A 12-year-old boy claims Justin Bieber (seen above at the laser tag place, with his father) hit him while playing a game, according to the reports, though he suffered no visible injuries. A rep for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tells TMZ the incident was reported to authorities by the boy’s father. Though the rep wouldn’t confirm anything about Bieber, they did say they are in the process of interviewing witnesses.

More read from the popular Canadian blog ZackTaylor.ca reports: JUSTIN BIEBER GETS INTO A LASER FIGHT WITH A 12-YEAR-OLD BOY!!

Police are investigating 16-year-old Justin Bieber for allegedly assaulting a 12-year-old boy at Planet Lazer in Richmond, British Columbia the other night!!

Supposedly, Justin and child got into an altercation while playing laser tag, that resulted in Justin “pushing” the boy – A staff member at Planet Lazer, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave ZackTaylor.ca this exclusive statement on what exactly happened:

“The 12-year-old kid was surrounding Justin in the corner with his other little friends and shooting him during the game with their laser guns. Justin did what any other person would do during a laser tag game, and was just trying to get away from getting shot at and accidentally hit the kid while running away. The kid’s sister said he started crying because he was hit hard, but when we saw the boy there was no marks or anything. Justin stuck around after in the lobby explaining what happened, when the kids parents decided to call the police. On a side note: Justin used the nickname, JOE DIRT, while playing laser tag.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Richmond confirm that the boy sustained minimal injuries and did not require any medical attention at the time.

Tess Marti, the daughter of Michael Marti who owns Planet Lazer, had this to say to us about how the situation ended:

“Justin told police he accidentally touched the 12-year-old’s face, and after police interviewed witnesses they let Justin and everyone else go. The next day the cops came to my house to ask a few more questions to my dad, but that was it.”

With getting made fun of for having a new nail polish line coming out, Shawty Mane needed some better street cred.?! Sounds like the parents of the boy are trying to make a quick buck!!

UPDATE: I guess Justin paid for the whole gaming experience, in more than one way, as ZackTaylor.ca has gotten our hands on the receipt…

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