Katy Perry and Russell Brand has Married in India

katy-perry-and-russel-brand-has-married-in-indiaSinger Katy Perry is now married. Pop Princess Katy Perry and Russell Brand has finally married in a ceremony in India. It was a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. The couple finally tied the knot on Saturday night.

Katy Perry, 25, and Russell Brand, 35, were married in front of 85 guests at the Aman-i-Khas resort near the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan, the same location where the couple got engaged in December.

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A Hindu priest conducted the wedding ceremony. Both Perry and Brand wore traditional Indian clothing to the wedding. The bride wore a sari, as did a number of other female members of the wedding party. Animals, including 21 camels, elephants and horses were used in Brand’s wedding procession, along with Indian dancers and musicians.

The couple exchanged vows at a luxury resort. Earlier in the day, two elephants named Laxmi and Mala were seen arriving at the resort. As the animals walked into the venue, a red carpet was rolled out for them. “Mala is a bit skittish and hates crowds but she managed to behave herself,” a source told PEOPLE.

Russell Brand had talked to fans about his wedding plans during a recent New York Times “TimesTalks” Q&A in NYC: “We just love each other and we want to get married in front of our friends and family and keep it very normal. It ain’t about selling the pictures, it ain’t about doing no pre-nup, it’s just a normal thing.”

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