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taylor-swift-speak-now-album-songs-download-itunes-and-torrent-mediafire-linkThe music industry has no shortage of show ponies, but it doesn’t often find a unicorn like Taylor Swift. She is that rare commodity: a global superstar who somehow retains her naïf-next-door appeal; a one-girl empire of dear-diary reveries, dominating two genres with guileless (or so it seems) ease.

Taylor Swift Speak Now Album Tracklist and Lyrics

That mix of fame, youth, and earnest transparency can often make listening to “Speak Now,” Swift’s third album, an exercise in name-that-celebrity Whac-a-Mole. And its smattering of banjo pluck and dainty twang makes only the most nominal swipe at coming off ”country.”

Taylor Swift, told ABC News Radio: “This is the album in the last two years of my life that were completely different from that of two years I have known.”

Over the past two years, Taylor Swift’s Fearless album catapulted to international celebrity super, winning a Grammy for album of the year and its place as a major artist tour. She also rode the wake of Kanye West interrupted his speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and won the titles of his relationship with Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner rumor. In this case, the song “Dear John” has many speculating that his friendship with John Mayer may also have been something more.

Taylor Swift wrote all the songs speak for himself now. She told ABC News Radio: “There are songs of personal nature of this record that people discover things you did not know came into my life and I am very proud of it.” As for writing this record alone, Swift said: “I think the goal for me was taking risks that never had, and I think one of the risks and opportunities that I took on this album is all songs written by me account.”

Speak now the first single, “Mine” is climbing the charts, and album of the first songs iTunes has sold 1.8 million paid downloads.

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