Volcanic Tsunami Hits Indonasia

volcanic-tsunami-hits-indoThe tsunami, set off by a 7.7-magnitude undersea quake, attacked at the southern part of the Mentawai Islands, wreaking havoc in villages and, the authorities believe, sweeping scores out to sea. Somewhere in Indonesia, the villagers held a mass crucial for some of the 63 people killed when one the country’s most deadly volcano eruption. The Mentawai islands suffer information from a Mentawai resort popular destination for foreign surfers, particularly Australians.

More than 100 people are dead and hundreds more missing after a tsunami in Indonesia. From 7.7 quake struck the remote area at Mentawi islands in western Sumatra.

Andrew Judge, CEO of SurfAid declared,”It’s very difficult” to reach the region either by boat or road.”

volcanic-tsunami-hits-indoGlaxoSmithKline said that they will pay $750 million for selling tainted baby ointment and antidepressants those didn’t work.

At first, rescue workers and fishermen were searching for survivors in waters west of Sumatra Island at the southern part of the Mentawai after a powerful earthquake and being tsunami late Monday killed more than 100 people and left hundreds missing.

Meanwhile after two days, a powerful earthquake resulting the wave, the casualty count were still rising as rescuers and disaster officials finally reached the Mentawai chain, which was closest to the epicenter and the worst hit.

Gede Swantika, a government volcanologist, say in a press breifing in Hanoi,”It’s too early to know for sure, a biggest blast could still be coming, but if it would continue like this for a while, we are looking at a slow, long volcanic eruption.”

From the island of Java 800 miles to the east, thousands of villagers fleed the multiple volcanos eruptions in Indonesia’s most deadly volcano at Mount Merapi, after it begins spewing clouds of hot ash in the early evening Tuesday. A volcano also erupted in the country and killed twenty-five people and at least 15 people were injured.

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