Mary Richardson Kennedy Arrested For Driving Intoxicate Or DUI

mary-richardson-kennedy-arrested-for-driving-intoxicate-or-duiMary Richardson Kennedy, the wife of Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr., who is the mother of four children—John Conor, 15, Kyra, 14, William, 12, and Aidan, 8., was arrested Saturday for drunken driving or DUI. After a police officer saw her run over a curb outside a school in Westchester County, New York authorities said.

According to police, Marry Richardson Kennedy’s blood-alcohol level was over the legal limit of 0.08 at 0.11 percent. She had said she was headed to pick people up at a fair.

Police would not comment on whether anyone else was in the car when Kennedy was arrested or if she had a lawyer. There was no phone listing for the Kennedy home.

Police had responded to the Kennedy home twice in the week before the arrest, but no arrests were made, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.. Lt. Jeff Dickan told the paper those visits were unrelated to the drunk driving arrest.In the last week, the police were called to the Kennedy family home in Mt. Kisco New York on two separate occasions. On one occasion, it was because Kennedy had reported a dispute between her children. No word on which ones, or what the fighting was about, only that it was serious enough that Mary called the police to intervene. No word on what preceded the second visit.

Of course, it goes without saying that driving while intoxicated is dangerous and foolish, and Kennedy is lucky that neither she nor anyone else was hurt in the course of her driving.

Mary Richardson Kennedy’s husband, Robert Kennedy Jr., is the son of former Sen. Robert Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy.

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