Lil Wayne Release Date From Jail on November 4

lil-wayne-release-date-from-jail-on-november-4Update: Lil Wayne’s release was delayed one day. The rapper was due to end his eight-month sentence today (4 November) but will have to wait an additional day to taste freedom.

Lil Wayne’s release date from jail is coming. He will be released from jail on November 4.

Lil Wayne Release From Jail Delayed

Lil Wayne not only served his time without incurring any problems, but has reportedly been preparing what should be mind-blowing new material. In addition to drafting letters to fans, Lil Wayne has passed the time at Rikers Island by dropping verses by phone (as on Drake‘s “Light Up”), getting a private concert from Kanye West, and of course, putting out I Am Not A Human Being on his birthday.

And while Lil Wayne will surely have much to say upon his release, Lil Twist answered some questions to tide you over until Free Weezy turns from a wish to a reality. According to Lil Twist, time seemed to pass quite quickly, now that Lil Wayne’s release date is upon us.

“It’s been a long time coming it seems like,” said Lil Twist. “But it kinda came by pretty quick, when I look at it now.”

However, the feeling of time flying doesn’t make Lil Wayne’s release any less significant, Lil Twist said.

“Oh man, you don’t even understand how exciting it is,” said Lil Twist. “The kids are going to see the big bro, and then the whole family is going to see him.”

Fat Joe has visited him, and said that he was doing well. “He’s doing fairly well,” Joe told MTV News. “Way better than I thought he would be doing. He was telling me some crazy funny story about him and this older guy. They always going back and forth with each other, arguing. To hear him say it, it’s like Archie Bunker [with this guy].”

CNN reports:

After Rapper Lil’ Wayne walks out of New York’s Rikers Island jail Thursday, he’ll fly to Miami for a welcome home party thrown by his record label, his publicist said Wednesday.

He’ll soon head to a studio to work on new music, publicist Kia Selby said.

Lil’ Wayne, whose legal name is Dwayne Carter, began serving jail time on a gun possession charge began last March.

Former President Bill Clinton, asked about Lil Wayne on a radio show this week, predicted Lil Wayne would stay out of trouble in the future.

“This guy’s smart and he’s got ability and he’s got a new chance now,” Clinton said. “What I hope is that it’s not just something to brand him as a cool guy, but it’ll never happen to him again.”

The New York conviction stemmed from his arrest in 2007 outside New York City’s Beacon Theater. According to police, Carter had a .40-caliber pistol on his tour bus. His attorney said it belonged to someone else.

Much of Lil Wayne’s last month was served in “punitive segregation” because he was caught with an MP3 charger and headsets during a search of his cell, a jail spokesman said last month.

Despite being locked up, he managed to released the digital version of his new album, “I Am Not A Human Being,” on his 28th birthday in September. The 10-track album was the ninth for the prodigious rapper. The physical version of his CD hit stores last month.

He’s has been communicating with his fans via a website which documents his life behind bars.

Lil’ Wayne is a multiplatinum-selling and Grammy-winning rap artist. His hits include “The Block is Hot” and “Lollipop.” His album “Tha Carter III” was the top selling disc of 2008.

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