Lil Wayne Release From Jail Delayed

lil-wayne-release-from-jail-delayedLil Wayne’s release from prison has been delayed. So, people curious want to know, when does he get out of jail?

Lil Wayne’s release was delayed one day. The rapper was due to end his eight-month sentence today (4 November) but will have to wait an additional day to taste freedom.

“His time was miscalculated. He owed, he owes one day of ‘good time,’ so it’s gonna be another night,” Officer Caraballo said Thursday as MTV News awaited the New Orleans lyricist’s release outside the rapper’s jail. Caraballo added that “good time” is reduced when an inmate runs into trouble behind bars. “If you get an infraction in jail, they’ll take away ‘good time’ — time that you accumulated for good behavior.”

So the rapper may have to stay behind bars for another 24 hours, but at least there is one fan keen to see what he has planned upon his release. In a recent interview, Bill Clinton said he was excited for Lil Wayne’s “new chance” on the outside. “This guy’s smart,” Clinton said, “and he’s got ability.”

“I’ll tell you what I think about that,” Clinton said. “You know, my daughter introduced me to rap and hip-hop music after I said some things she thought were not very smart. She said, ‘Dad, you need to listen, all these people are smart’. A lot of these people, they don’t get successful in [music] – just like in any other area of life – by being really dumb. They’re really smart. But a lot of them had tough lives, and they almost think it’s cool to get in trouble every now and then, or they don’t know how to stay out. But what I hope will happen is that [Wayne] has a good life now … What I hope is that this is not just something to brand him as a cool guy, but that it’ll never happen again.”

Young Money President Mack Maine stopped by the MTV News offices Wednesday and revealed that Weezy would celebrate his homecoming with a party Sunday at a Miami strip club. According to Maine, Wayne’s musical family plans to “just treat him like a king, like the royalty that he is and make him feel like we really missed him and welcome him back to the family, basically.” The party follows Drake’s Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour stop Saturday in Las Vegas, a show at which both Maine and Drizzy have hinted Wayne may make a surprise appearance.

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