Apple Ipad iOS 4.2 Release Date Rumors

apple-ipad-ios-4.2-release-date-rumors“iOS 4.2 apple iPad update software release date on November 24, according to authority of Apple company.” Actually, we all are waiting for iOS 4.2 final version which was initially expected to be released soon and at this time some rumors going around the web that ipad iOS 4.2 may be released just in time for thanksgiving.

The interwebz rumor machine is now saying that the Apple ipad update iOS 4.2 beta release date held on November 19th, 21th 2010 and a new rumor is doing the rounds that ipad iOS 4.2 will be released on November 24, according to sources in Telegraph.

Apple’s much-awaited release of the update to iOS 4.2 rumore is to be scheduled for Nov. 24, making it a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving present.

Actually, there is no fixed release date of ipad iOS 4.2 beta and there are no ipad iOS 4.2 beta download link on the web now, because Apple company does not fixed any release date yet. Apple company is saying that world’s most advanced mobile operating system iPad – iOS 4.2 software update is coming in November. And soon iPad customers will get to enjoy its 100+ new features and innovations.

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