Apple Delays It’s Ipad iOS 4.2 Final Release Date

apple-ipad-ios-4-2-release-dateApple company has said that their much-waiting ipad iOS 4.2 update software is coming in November, and the new iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPod and a new iPad update. But, the Apple company didn’t fix the final day and hours of November. They has just reported only that iOS 4.2 download link will be fully available sometime in November and they are published update reports of iOS 4.2 software update, but is not final version.

Seems that Apple update mobile operating system ipad iOS 4.2 having problems-namely problems with Wi-Fi and WLAN and AirPlay. So, Apple company is delaying to set the iOS 4.2 release date. And also the delay may be annoying to tech geeks, who can’t wait to get their iPad in tune with other snazzy Apple devices.

AirPlay feature is the most different operating system of iOS 4.2, the ability to print from within apps and there exists no another operating system like it, but some developers complained for bad and poor wireless connections from the Golden Master version of iOS 4.2 for developers.

Developers have suggested that the Apple ipad update current state will not improve within November and may even make the iPad’s known Wi-Fi issues worse; in that respect it’s probably a good idea for Apple to wait before releasing iOS 4.2.

However, ipad iOS 4.2 is still pretty frustrating for users who expects it earlier in November. The latest release date is to be scheduled for 24th November 2010, but I think it would be a rumor or nothing. I hope that iOS 4.2 will be release in November.

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