Lil Wayne Punches Drake?

lil-wayne-punches-drake“You got the story wrong,…Lil Wayne punched me in my arm cause he saw a VW beetle pass by…haaa…YM Forever,” Drake wrote on his Twitter page.

Drake has confirmed that the just released from prison rapper did in fact punch the recording artist following a concert in Las Vegas. The entire incident reportedly happened following a weekend concert in Las Vegas that marked the finale of Drake’s tour. Rumors started swirling earlier today that Lil Wayne punched the star to discipline Drake for not giving him the proper attention while he was in jail.

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Here is the inside scoop from Mediatakeout:

There is some EXTREMELY serious friction between Young Money superstar rapper Drake and Lil Wayne.

Here’s the info we got, from a MEMBER OF YOUNG MONEY. There’s been growing FRICTION between Drake and Lil Wayne, and last Saturday night – it BLEW UP!!!

The insider explains, [Mack Maine and Baby] set it up so that Saturday would be Wayne’s coming out party. But he didn’t want to do it. . . Wayne has some bad feelings with Drake, he feels that Drake left him out there while we was [locked up]. So Wayne didn’t want to do the concert.”

But Bryan “Birdman” Williams managed to convince Weezy to fly to Vegas for the concert. And while things looked OK on stage, they were TERRIBLE off. Our insider explained, “Wayne didn’t even say a word to Drake until that point . . . but after the concert, he disciplined him.” What does that mean. Well, allegedly [cause we aint trying to get him violated] Wayne walked over to Drake and punched him in his face. Security reportedly BROKE IT UP and escorted Wayne off the property.

Later on that night, Lil Wayne supposedly tried to meet up with Drake again, at the concert afterparty at the nearby Wynn. But security for the Wynn were told NOT to allow Wayne into the premises.


However, Drake has a history of stirring up trouble and laying it to rest via his Twitter page. In September, Drake posted a joke that he had married Nicki Minaj that set off an Internet firestorm of rumors.

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