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facebook-email-login-fb-mail-sign-upFacebook email login or sign in and FB mail sign up: Want to offer email signups in Facebook? Here’s the app to do it: (*NOTE: To install on your Page, click the “Add to Page” link.)

Facebook Email: Secret Project Titan (FB Mail)

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This app allows you to place a custom Email Signup Form on a Facebook page or profile.

You determine: the title/call to action, the background color, a privacy policy link (optional), and a “More Info” link on confirmation page (optional).

Email Signup is free.

A premium version connects via API to most major mailing platforms (MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Convio, etc.) so your email lists automatically update with each new subscriber in Facebook. Contact us at facebook@jdsupra.com if you’d like to tether Email Signup to your mailing service.

How to Install Apps on Facebook Pages?


– To install Email Signup on a Facebook Profile:

Click [Go to Application] (here, or from the Info/Wall tabs, linked above)

– To install Email Signup on a Facebook Page:

1. Click “Add to My Page” (left-hand link available on the Wall/Info tabs of this app)

2. Go directly to the Page upon which you’ve added the Email Signup app

3. Click “Edit Page” (left-hand link avail. on your page’s Wall/Info tabs)

4. Scroll through the resulting list of page features and apps until your find Email Signup

5. Click the right-hand edit pencil for Email Signup – then click “Edit” in the resulting drop-down menu.


To configure Email Signup, install the application as above on a profile or page.

This will bring you to the Edit page, shown below:

1. Fill out fields. (If you leave the privacy policy or “More Info” links empty, they will not show in the public version of Email Signup.)

2. Choose your background color. Default setting is white.

3. You can change these settings at any time. Simply return to the Edit screen via your Facebook profile or page (wherever you’ve installed).

4. Click Save Configuration.


Whenever you want to grab new addresses entered by your Facebook connections, simply return to this app’s Edit mode (via page or profile). The second haf of the Edit page includes export info below:

1. If you are manually grabbing the list, you’ll see a linked notice informing you of any new addresses (ex: see “You have 1 emails to export” above).

2. Click the link – it will automatically download a .CSV file with new addresses contained therein.

3. Automated Export Option: you can choose to connect via API to your mail provider (MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Convio, etc.) This will enable new subscribes to automatically update in your mailing lists.

Contact us to set up the automatic list export: facebook@jdsupra.com.


Once you have installed Email Signup and configured the settings, you still need to place the box on your Wall and Info tab pages:

1. Return to your profile or page (wherever you’ve installed the app)

2. Click on your “Boxes” tab

3. Look for the “Email Signup” box. Click the right-hand edit pencil

4. Choose “Move to Wall tab” in the resulting “Edit Box” drop-down.

… that’s it. Done!

If you find Email Signup useful, please spread the word: become a fan, share it with friends.

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