Messy Mya Death Photo: YouTube sensation Shot to Dead in New Orleans

messy-mya-death-youtube-sensation-shot-to-dead-in-new-orleansMessy Mya death photo leaked! The 22-year-old YouTube star “Messy Mya” was shot to death in New Orleans last night after attending his girlfriend’s baby shower.

“Mya was shot at around 8pm and lay dying in the street in New Orleans surrounded by a huge crowd. It has been reported that one onlooker took photos of Mya and circulated the images on the social networking site, Twitter.

A large crowd surrounded the post gunshot body in the streets of New Orleans where many of people took a photo of the death. It seems one person even posted the Messy Mya death photo on Twitter which was obviously retweeted and spread like wild fire across the internet.

Anyway, these Messy Mya death photos were re-Tweeted and re-Tweeted until they were spread around the globe. They have since been deleted.

Messy Mya was best known as a YouTube personality. His videos featured him rapping and spending time with friends. In one recent video, he expressed his joy over expecting a baby.

“Baby coming on the way! I’m so happy. I can’t wait for my child to get here,” he said. “It’s a boy. He’s gonna be hot. That’s coming in the world real soon.”

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