Yahoo Maps And Driving Directions For Canada

yahoo-maps-and-driving-directions-for-canadaWhy can’t I get a driving route to an address?
Occasionally, when you enter a street address, the database provides you with an “ambiguity list” of all the possible selections in the U.S. with that street address. Please select the correct one so that directions can be calculated. If the address, city, or province that you are looking for isn’t in the ambiguity list, then we do not have coverage for that exact address.

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The driving directions are wrong. Why?
There are several reasons that the driving directions could show up incorrectly:

* The starting or destination address was entered incorrectly. Check to make sure each address can be correctly identified by mapping each separately.
* The routing database has an incorrect geocode for either the starting or destination address; therefore, it is routing to or from the wrong location.
* The routing database doesn’t have a reference to one or both of the addresses, and therefore cannot create the route. Check to make sure each address can be correctly identified by mapping each separately.

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How do I get driving directions between two addresses?
To Get Driving Directions: Enter your two addresses in the A and B boxes of the driving directions module on the Yahoo! Maps home page.

A written driving route will then appear, along with the map. The map will show the Full Route. You can interact (pan and zoom) with the full route map to customize it to fit your needs.

How do I store locations for driving directions?
To store your favourite locations, like home or work, you need to be a registered Yahoo! member. If you don’t have a Yahoo! ID, visit the sign-up page.

After you are registered and signed in to Yahoo! Maps, click the ‘chevrons’ button on the right side of the address entery box. A dropdown will appear and allow you to see your recent locations as well as Save and Edit any locations you have and label them (for example, “Joe’s house” or “the gym”) for easy access.

After you have entered your favourite locations, scroll down and click “Finished” to return to Yahoo! Maps.

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When using any driving directions or map, it is a good idea to do a reality check and make sure the route still exists, be aware of construction, and follow traffic safety precautions.

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