Lady Gaga Demands Silk Lingerie Only for Creativity

lady-gaga-only-demands-to-silk-for-creativityLady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, has apparently developed a fetish for silk lingerie to help with her creativity. The 24-year-old singer was said to have spent an estimated £7000 getting new underwear.

“She’s so in love with the way it feels on her body, she’s demanded every item of lingerie be made from 100% pure silk. Polyester, cotton and Lycra are all banned,” a source told British Now magazine. “The finest silk made to order is all she’ll wear now. She really believes this will help her creativity because if she feels comfortable and her skin is able to breathe properly, she’ll be able to concentrate on her music.”

“She’s taking this latest fetish seriously and driving her assistant crazy. She has spent close to USD 12,000. She’s successful enough to demand anything she wants, even if it’s silky pants,” the source added.

While Lady Gaga has always been known to have a complicated relationship with her wardrobe, it may surprise some to find that her threads and her music are so co-dependent.

The eccentric singer has had a very busy couple of days: earlier this week Gaga revealed some details about her upcoming 2011 album, ‘Born This Way’. Speaking on Twitter, she said: “Endless melodies, hooks + poetry sledge-hammering my skull. It won’t be much longer, it’s almost perfect. But I (we) don’t want almost.”

Lady Gaga winning the prize for ‘Best Pop/Rock Female Artist’ at American Music Award (AMA) 2010.

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