Miley Cyrus Hit Salvia Lawmakers Want to Ban It

miley-cyrus-hit-salvia-lawmakers-want-to-ban-itMiley Cyrus video of smoking out of a bong surfaced, the drug salvia has made headlines and local lawmakers want to ban Salvia after Miley just made the LEGAL drug famous.

According to the Huffington Post reports : after the video came out showing Cyrus’ high antics and mistaking someone in the group for her boyfriend, people quickly pointed out that she wasn’t smoking marijuana, but the herb salvia, which is legal in California.

Some people are now marketing the legal hallucinogen as Miley’s “It” drug and I am sales sky rocketed. 16 states are already on board disallowing the use of Salvia and it looks like Connecticut will be soon to follow.

Salvia is legal in California so Miley did not break any laws. Granted it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do when she allowed the bong hit to be video tapes but you live and you learn. Not only did Cyrus spark an increase in Salvia sales but she also brought awareness to lawmakers who are now attempting to ban it.

Salvia is an herb in the mint family that causes hallucinations, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency and is controlled under the federal Controlled Substances Act.

On Monday, State Senator Andrea Stillman, of Waterford, is calling for a new state law here to ban the sale of synthetic cannabis products and salvia.

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