Miley Cyrus End to Hannah Montana Series

miley-cyrus-end-to-hannah-montana-seriesMILEY ROY CYRUS American actress and musician, has starred as ‘Hannah Montana’ for the final time after ‘Hannah Montana Forever’ had its series finale last night on 16th January 2011.

The show, which debuted back in 2006, followed the story of an ordinary teenage girl who took on the persona of a famous pop singer by night. The series was adapted into a hit feature film in 2009.

This TV series that catapulted Cyrus into an international teen icon who sold millions of albums and concert tickets and millions of dollars worth of merchandise. As Hannah grew up on the screen. so did Miley off-camera, and she’s been caught in a series of scandals in the five years.

The titled of last episode “Wherever I Go,” Cyrus is called upon to make the biggest decision of her life — whether to go to college, or to accept a role in a movie. The final episode of Hannah Montana Forever (as this final season was called) airs Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on the Disney Channel.

Miley turned 18 November 23 on 2010 and is now splitting her career between music and movies.

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