Rafael Nadal Will Take The Field Now Move over Cristiano Ronaldo

rafael-nadal-will-take-the-field-now-move-over-cristiano-ronaldoRafael Nadal Will Take The Field Now Move over Cristiano Ronaldo. we are not talking about the football field here! we are talking about the Armani field, with and without the underwear! Nadal is the face of Armani’s Spring/Summer 2011 jeans and underwear collection.

As tennis star takes over the crown from football star Ronaldo, to which even David Beckham had been attached once.

Nadal is now in the same league as Megan Fox. This 24-year old Spanish heartthrob is coming in after American actress Megan Fox too, who had shed her clothes for Giorgio Armani’s panty line for summer 2010. Fox had taken place from Victoria Beckham in 2010.

Rafael’s shoot has already been done. The ads will be put across billboards in February.


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