jelena-ristic-novak-djokovic-girlfriend-photos-youtube-videoWho is Novak Djokovic girlfriend? Her name is Jelena Ristic. Continue reading about Serbian model Ristic, 24, with cute pictures gallery and YouTube video.

Novak Djokovic girlfriend’s Jelena Ristic from Belgrade, Serbia. She was born on June 17, 1986. She one year older than her boyfriend Djokovic. she was finished her undergraduate degree on the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Jelena and Djokovic have many projects ahead to make one of them is their restaurant chain. Recently they opened their fourth in Serbia the restaurant is called Novak’s Cafe & Restaurant. At the opening they hosted approximately 400 guests, among them the Minister of Serbia.

In recent interviews with Novak, he said, they’ve been dating for 4 years and have known each other for a lot longer.

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