internet-explorer-has-stopped-working-ie8-9Internet Explorer stopped working on March 1, 2011, claimed by users.

A Internet Explorer users claimed: Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working. Message keeps popping up. I can cancel it and keep on working, so it appears that Internet Explorer is not actually stopped working.

There have been some suggestions to try installing IE9, rather than using IE8, but it is unclear if this will solve your problem.

Let’s take a look at what could be causing Internet Explorer to be giving you these messages. First step will be to reset Internet Explorer, you can do this by:

1. Close any Internet Explorer windows
2. Click Start
3. Click Control Panel
4. Open Internet Options (you may have to switch from category view to icons to find this)
5. Click the Advanced tab
6. Click Reset…
7. Click Reset
8. Click Close
9. Click OK
10. Open Internet Explorer

If you are still having problems, then next thing to look at would be another program causing a conflict with Internet Explorer. Your problem solve here.

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