Adult Coming Out in Miley Cyrus Can’t Be Tamed Video


Adult coming out in Miley Cyrus Can’t Be Tamed Video? Yes, Miley Cyrus new music video showing her sexy body and showing her adult.

If you ever wondered when Miley Cyrus would make the ever-so-structured transition from teen starlet to adult artist, the answer is May 2010, with her new ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ video. Much like the title and lyrics of the song, ‘Tamed’ is a massive departure from Miley’s lighthearted music of the past, revealing a sexy, dark edge — a la early Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. While many are asking whether it’s too sexy, one thing is for sure: This ain’t ‘Hannah Montana.’

Miley Cyrus Can’t be Tamed Lyrics, Video and Photos

The video begins with a bit of a ‘King Kong’ mystique, as partygoers are seen gawking at a birdcage. In said cage, the new Miley spreads her wings — literally — as Cyrus’ dark side comes out via black falcon wings.

Once the teen-star-turned-bird makes her big reveal, the video is packed with dancing and wardrobes that aren’t out of place in today’s modern music video landscape. There’s nothing here that would make Adam Lambert or Lady Gaga gasp, but the fact that it’s Miley Cyrus nearly making out with guys and gals, dancing in lingerie (sans pants?) complete with close-up shots of her chest, make it all-too-clear that this is her coming out party.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the video is much more risque than standard Miley fare, considering the song contains lyrics like, “For those who don’t know me, I can get a bit crazy / Have to get my way, 24 hours a day / ‘Cause I’m hot like that” and “I’m like a puzzle but all of my pieces are jagged / If you can understand this, we can make some magic.”

It’s a transition that Cyrus simply had to make. Just like the 12-year-old girls who idolize her will one day become teens and adults, Miley is taking the leap into a non-kiddie world. That, paired with the fact that Miley always seemed to be pushing the is-she-too-young-for-this boundary thanks to her controversial Vanity Fair photo spread and several other leaked photo scandals, only made the switch more urgent and necessary.

Whether or not her massive fanbase sticks around is to be determined, but Cyrus clearly hopes to garner a new loyal following with Miley 2.0.

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