New Technology King : Apple

new-technology-king-applenew-technology-king-appleOn Wednesday Apple the maker of iPods, iPhones and iPads overtakes the computer software giant Microsoft and become the new king of technology world.

Now Apple is the world’s most valuable technology company. Apple shares rose 1.8 percent, which gave the company a value of $227.1 billion.

At the closing time of Wednesday’s trading, Apple was valued at $222 billion, while Microsoft was worth $219 billion. Apple’s shares ended the day at $244.11, but Microsoft’s finished at $25.01.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer when asked for comment, he told Reuters news service, “It’s a long game, we have good competitors…we too are a very good competitor. We are executing very well and that is going to lead to great products and great success. I’m optimistic. I won’t predict some massive change. I don’t sort of foreshadow any change in direction. We just have to accelerate plans.”

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