New Apple TV Revealed : Cloud Storage, iPhone OS only for $ 99

new-apple-tv-revealed-cloud-storage-iphone-os-only-for-99Last week Google made an announcement that during this fall their upcoming Google TV service is ready to launch, rumors have been spread all over that Apple is working on a major to make-over of its own comparable product.

About the next generation of Apple TV engadget has received unconfirmed evidence. New version of Apple TV will be based on the iPhone OS, Engadget sources said by quoting this tip “confirmed by a source very close to Apple.”

According to Engadget source, though this device is much smaller in comparison to current one, connections for HD video, but internally with 16GB of storage this Apple TV is based on same A4 processor. The device is described as an “iPhone without a screen” by the insiders.

Currently Apple TV with 160 GB storage is selling at $229. The reported $99 price for the upcoming Apple TV seems logical as the majority of the expanse of the Apple TV goes toward 160 GB of storage.

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