Google’s 50 Most Popular Women on the Web List

googles-50-most-popular-women-on-the-web-listGoogle’s 50 most popular women on the web list. The most popular search engine, Google, has revealed its 50 most popular women in the world wide web.

Poker face singer Lady Gaga toped the list having 85,900,000 results followed by Ke$ha and Madonna having 76,100,000 and 61,300,00 respectively. However, someone unlikely has been included in the list. How come Justin Beiber got the 7th spot with 34,200,000 results?

But Justin Beiber is definitely not a woman.

Google’s 50 Most Popular Women on the Web List:

50. Eva Longoria – 7,460,000 Results
49. Scarlett Johansson – 7,600,000 Results
48. Carmen Electra – 7,620,000 Results
47. Tina Fey – 7,910,000 Results
46. Adriana Lima – 7,930,000 Results
45. Lily Allen – 9,200,000 Results
44. Sarah Jessica Parker – 9,470,000 Results
43. Kelly Clarkson – 9,690,000 Results
42. Carrie Underwood – 9,740,000 Results
41. Amy Winehouse – 10,000,000 Results
40. Vanessa Hudgens – 10,100,000 Results
39. Katie Price – 10,200,000 Results
38. Ashley Tisdale – 10,700,000 Results
37. Hilary Duff – 11,700,000 Results
36. Marilyn Monroe – 11,800,000 Results
35. Heidi Montag – 12,200,000 Results
34. Demi Moore – 12,700,000 Results
33. Jennifer Aniston – 13,300,000 Results
32. Hillary Clinton – 13,800,000 Results
31. Ciara – 14,300,000 Results
30. Kristen Stewart – 14,400,000 Results
29. Betty White – 14,500,000 Results
28. Pamela Anderson 15,200,000 Results
27. Fergie – 15,600,000 Results
26. Jessica Alba – 16,400,000 Results
25. Christina Aguilera – 16,900,000 Results
24. Sandra Bullock – 18,400,000 Results
23. Kim Kardashian – 19,700,000 Results
22. Katy Perry – 19,900,000 Results
21. Michelle Obama – 19,100,000 Results
20. Lindsay Lohan – 20,100,000
19. Jessica Simpson – 20,900,000
18. Sarah Palin – 21,000,000
17. Mariah Carey – 22,200,000
16. Jennifer Lopez – 24,200,000 Results
15. Megan Fox – 24,200,000 Results
14. Oprah – 24,300,000 Results
13. Angelina Jolie – 28,500,000 Results
12. Taylor Swift – 28,600,000 Results
11. Shakira – 28,700,000 Results
10. Avril Lavigne – 28,900,000 Results
9. Paris Hilton – 33,200,000 Results
8. Miley Cyrus – 34,100,000 Results
7. Justin Bieber – 34,200,000 Results
6. Britney Spears – 46,600,000 Results
5. Rihanna – 53,900,000 Results
4. Beyonce – 55,200,000 Results
3. Madonna – 61,300,00 Results
2. Ke$ha – 76,100,000 Results
1. Lady GaGa – 85,900,000 Results

Google’s 50 Most Popular Women on the Web:

50. Eva Longoria Parker is the bottom of the top. She’s sexy and all that but losing ground from previous lists. If you want to see her stay you better start Goggling her!

47. Tina Fey drops in based on the strength of searches associated to 30 Rock and her movies.

45. Lily Allen who is the Queen of the Myspace music download locks up a spot – even though she isn’t really doing the Myspace thing much anymore.

40. Vanessa Hudgens will hang around so long as she keeps posting pictures of herself in her underwear. It may not be the Disney image, but it sure does get a lot of hits.

37. Hilary Duff never goes away. Just when you think she’s gone, she does something to pop back up again. It’s a lot like herpes only cuter.

36. Marilyn Monroe is dead and she is still the bomb! The fact that she is still more popular than women that are out there actually begging for attention only proves her hotness transcends time.

32. Hillary Clinton is an older babe that people looking for – although truth be told it really just has a lot to do with her job. Not being mean, just saying….

30. Kristen Stewart will remain on the list until the day Twilight fans decide to release her – and that may be never or more likely until the movies start to really suck. She’s a Lolita fantasy wrapped up in a hot trend.

29. Betty White is the hippest old lady around. Everyone wants her to be their cool grandma and that she is still in the industry doing it her way and doing well just proves she deserves all the good things coming her way.

27. Fergie is like Cats – Now and forever. Granted a lot of her search trafic is associated to downloading music or videos, but traffic is traffic.

24. Sandra Bullock hit’s the mid range this year which is huge considering she usually doesn’t make it at all. Too bad it took her husband sleeping around on her to get so much attention.

23. Kim Kardashian is proof that people love ho’s. In the case of Kardashian the most common searches include “Kardashian nude pics”. Kardashian porn”, and “Kardashian scandal.” It may not be the stuff mom would be proud of, but then again in that family who knows what makes mom proud.

21. Michelle Obama makes the list but she is slipping. As her husband’s popularity fluctuates so does hers.

20. Lindsay Lohan is always going to be on the list because she is always doing something stupid. Stupid hot messes = tons and tons of traffic.

18. Sarah Palin continues to hang around even when people seem to want her to go away if you believe all the press. Love her or hate her, people are looking for her.

15. Meghan Fox may be one of the hottest looking women in the world, but so far as Googlers are concerned she is a little less popular. If she were to get naked for everyone this position would surely rise – just in case she’s reading and wants any advice.

14. Oprah – Queen Oprah to the regular folks – continues to hold court as a top search but like many others she is slowly losing ground to the new generation.

13. Angelina Jolie is always a present figure. She is Googled regularly for everything from pictures and movie info to human rights issues. Never underestimate the power of Jolie.

12. Taylor Swift is one of the big “it girls” of the year. She just keeps climbing and climbing up the list and will likely be a top ten before the year ends.

11. Shakira has staying power this year – unfortunately it’s not just for her pictures or music, it’s for her involvement in international politics that has some people ticked off and as of late that awful “Waka Waka” FIFA World Cup fiasco.

10. Avril Lavigne grew up this year and the hotter she looks the more she’s searched. We can all just pretend that “Avril Lavigne zit treatment” is not responsible for a lot of it. She really is that hot we can all overlook it.

9. Paris Hilton continues to hold court as a top search much the way Kim Kardashian does. One of these days it is possible she will do something that gets attention besides going to jail or porn, but that day could be a long way off.

8. Miley Cyrus continues to hang around like an untreated infection. She isn’t really doing much of anything good and her hot search terms include things like “Miley Cyrus pregnant”, but she’s still on everyone’s mind. Too bad it has been for rumored pregnancies, her sex life or lack thereof, and fashion disasters.

7. Justin Bieber – yes you read that right – Justin Bieber. C’mon he is just the most adorable little girl around! Best of all you know it has to cheese off 40+ women on the list that couldn’t beat him out. Maybe if he got different haircut and stopped acting like a whiny prepubescent girl people wouldn’t be so confused.

6. Britney Spears – don’t call it comeback, Britney has always been around. The only difference is this year it isn’t for shaving her head, skanking it up with Lohan, giving her infant Red Bull in his sippy cup, or run of the mill whore-like behavior. Britney really is growing up and good for her!

5. Rihanna claims a top 5 spot and her problems with Chris Brown or who she is or is not banging continue to be the most popular search topics just behind queries for nude pics and music downloads.

4. Beyonce – you knew Beyonce would be near the top! The music, videos, perfume, baby rumors, and all that Jay-Z associated traffic keep her position as a Google darling safe and secure.

3. Madonna, the original Material Girl, continues to hold her own. Even if her album is being outsold by a Glee version of her hits, and even if a lot of her recent traffic is concerning comparisons to Lady Gaga, Madonna is and always will be Madonna and will maintain a top spot until like Marilyn Monroe she is long one and in the ground most likely. Real icons truly do have it like that.

2. Kesha was the surprise of the list although she really shouldn’t be. Anyone that talks as much smack about as many stars as she does is bound to get Googled a lot. Maybe it is her way of staying relevant and keeping people from focusing on how much she rips off the people she supposedly hates so much. Or maybe it is to divert attention from who good she sounds when digitally re-mastered compared to live?

1. Lady Gaga is the most searched woman on Google, the web as a whole, and maybe elsewhere in alternate universes as well. Gaga isn’t just hot this year, she’s gone nuclear. Searches for everything from her videos and music to shoes, nails, wigs, clothes, genitals, pictures, youth, tour dates, and anything else you can think of continue to blow and show no signs of slowing down.

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