Oprah Treats Twi-Hards To Early Twilight Saga Eclipse Screening

oprah-treats-twi-hards-to-early-twilight-saga-eclipse-screeningAnd in turn, the Twi-Hards let the world know what’s to come!

Next week, fans of the Twilight movies will get to see their favorite stars on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning were all on hand to tape the episode this week, which will air on May 13th.

But not only did the Oprah audience get to fawn over their favorite stars, they also got to see them in action in an early screening of Eclipse! Lucky, lucky!

Only moments after the screening was over did Twi-Hards take to their Twitters to give out some important deets about the film. Here’s what we got for you:

Those who were concerned that the action of Eclipse would overshadow the romance, calm down. All the Twilighters in the audience felt very strongly that the action was equal to the romance. Key scenes such as Bella punching Jacob, Bella kissing Jacob, the proposal and the tent scene were all there for your pleasure.

Also, the audience seemed to really dig the flashback sequences of Jasper and Rosalie, though they admitted that Rosalie’s flashback wasn’t as long as they had expected it to be. Jasper and Alice get a lot of face time in the flick, which explains why there was some snickering at Jasper’s wig, more so than KStew’s. (We can’t imagine it could be worse, but whatever)

And finally, everyone agreed that this Twilight flick was the best and allegedly the funniest of all of the series, with a lot of credit given to David Slade, the director. Nothing but happy howls and sparkles shined down on him.

And that’s all we got. Those of you who’s eyes were not blessed by Oprah’s offering of Twilight love will just have to wait your turn on June 30th.

But will U make it that long?!

—- Perez Hilton

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