Google AdMob Protests Apple’s New iPhone Advertising Terms

Google protests Apple’s new advertising terms for its iPhone and iPad operating system. On Wednesday Google’s AdMob said recent changes to Apple’s developers agreement would effectively prohibit Google’s advertising technology on the devices, creating “artificial” barriers to competition.

Founder of Google’s AdMob mobile advertising unit Omar Hamoui said, “Apple’s new terms, posted to developers on Monday, target companies with competitive mobile technologies, such as Google, as well as any company whose primary business is not serving mobile ads.”

“Let’s be clear. This change is not in the best interests of users or developers. In the history of technology and innovation, it’s clear that competition delivers the best outcome,” Omar Hamoui wrote in a blog post. “Artificial barriers to competition hurt users and developers and, in the long run, stall technological progress.”

According to the revised policy, “without Apple’s prior written consent, You may not use third party analytics software in your application to collect and send device data to a third party for aggregation, processing, or analysis.”

On Wednesday Wall Street Journal’s MediaMemo blog first reported the changes. The changes come days after Apple chief CEO Steve Jobs’s presence at the D8 conference. During question and answer session, Steve Jobs denied that Apple would block non-iAd networks from serving up ads on Apple devices.

Omar Hamoui warned the change could decrease the ad revenue flowing to the developers of iPhone and iPad applications, a scenario that could drive up the prices that consumers pay for the programs.

He said in his post that he will be speaking to Apple to express his concerns about the impact of the company’s new terms.

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