Megan Fox Aborts Black Baby Rumors Spreading in Web

megan-fox-aborts-black-baby-rumors-spreading-in-webMegan Fox Aborts Black Baby! Now, the internet is a buzz after rumors came out that Megan Fox actually aborted a baby because he/she was black.

Politically Illustrated reported, Did Megan Fox abort a black baby? Let’s hope so! The Transformers celebrity is having some publicity problems on popular website, who made it a goal to make “Megan Fox aborts black baby” the No. 1 search term in the United States.

Did it work? Yes. On Saturday night, managed to send enough traffic to Google to make “Megan Fox aborts black baby” the No. 1 search term according to Google Trends.

“Dear Mr. Hilton, I apologize for any mayhem the group known as ‘anonymous’ may have caused in regards to the unfounded rumor about Megan Fox’s abortion. It all spawned on the website, a prominent message board notorious for such shenanigans. I have attached screen shots of the raid thread with a list of websites they are spreading disinformation on. I apologize for any trouble we may have caused you,” wrote Anonymous on a website, in a note to the infamous blogger Perez Hilton.

Maybe Transformers Fox can make a special donation to Planned Parenthood.

Let’s go everyone! Google “Megan Fox aborts black baby” to pump up the keyword on Google Trends.

So the question is, Megan Fox Aborts Black Baby, it’s True or Not? Answer is we still really don’t know but I think this is not true.

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